TRYALL SUREFILL Emergency Eyewash Station 75 Series 16 oz kit

TRYALL SUREFILL Emergency Eyewash Station 75 Series 16 oz kit

Contact with acids and corrosive substances can damage the eyes after only 10 seconds. Having instant access to fast, safe, and effective first aid can help minimize the likelihood of permanent damage and relieve irritation and discomfort from these and other foreign particles such as dust and debris that may enter the eye.

Tryall Emergency Eye Wash Solution is an all-in-one eye wash that combines sterile saline with a buffered, pH neutralizing solution to not only rinse impurities and irritants from the eyes, but also help the eye return to a normal 7.4pH level by quickly neutralizing corrosive chemicals.


  • All of the bottles have easy-to-open quick twist tops for immediate access.
  • A wall mounting station that contains two 16 oz. bottles
  • Cover to keep the bottles clean from dust and impurities and offers a carrying handle to make transport for field work easy.
  • Meets all FDA requirements for eye wash as per 21 CFR part 349 and also meets ANSI Z358.1-2009 (as a personal eye wash only).

Usage:  It is perfect for the laboratory, classroom, work site and public facilities.

Item Number: AK75EWN-2437

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