1. This non contact infrared thermometer is specially designed to measure body temperature.
2. Big screen design backlight, easy to read, turning on lights at night is not necessary.
3. With perfect screen identification, you can check the temp of adults and kids.

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Manufactured with advanced infrared temperature measurement technology. Designed to quickly measure the target temperature and perform intelligent analysis and processing. The measurement result is displayed in 1 seconds.

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer for Adults, Kids and Baby

  • Non Contact Infrared Thermometer – This Medical Grade Instant Digital Infrared Non Contact  Thermometer delivers fast results for adults and kids because of the microchip and highly sensitive sensor. The sensor allows for highly accurate and rapid NO CONTACT scans of people as well as objects and rooms. Quicker results than conventional thermometers.
  • Higher Accurate Reading – Enjoy Hospital Grade Accuracy at your home, workplace or clinic with confidence due to the tested reliable of your health care non contact infrared thermometer. It is amazingly lightweight which makes it easy to use.
  • Versatility –It is a perfect choice for employers, businesses and parents who want to keep a close eye on the body temperature of customers, vendors, and loved ones.
  • Easy to Use – Quiet mode tympanic scanning with the push of a button allows you to take instant scans of infants and children without a beeping noise that may wake them up. Non contact thermometer provides reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit are easily and instantly switchable with an intuitive button.
  • Easy to Read – Temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen with clinically accuracy you can rely on. The backlight LCD display on this non contact thermometer is easily read in the dark.

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